Sunday, January 4, 2015

Since I just wrote my New Year update letter, I'd better update my blog with some pictures from this year!!! (Note: there are LOTS of pictures to make up for many months of not blogging)

 In Utah for my brother's wedding in July:

 Always fun to see extended family!

 Alora loved the flowers

 Jared's beautiful bride Jenni

 Alora wouldn't stay put for the kid's picture. I'm holding her arm and trying not to be in the main picture. It didn't work (see below)

 Here we are in Canada
 Alora loved playing with Opa
 And napping with Opa
 Her first experience with snow

 Jared and Jenni's Canadian reception

 The cupcakes were so yummy!
 No fear--she walked right up to the glass and looked down
 Opa bribing Alora with chocolate to smile for the picture. It worked! (see below)

 Gardening with friends


 At the Phoenix Temple Open House

 Fun at a Fall Festival

 Train ride
 Dancing with Daddy on the hay tower

 Fun with the cousins on Halloween
 We loved going to the zoo with Opa

 Alora showing off her caterpillars
 More fun with cousins at Thanksgiving

 On the plane to Utah for Christmas
 There was snow when we arrived
 Alora liked eating the snow
 Christmas morning

 More fun in the snow
 I loved seeing the lights at Temple Square!
 The mist around us is from the water
Garrett loved the huge icicles that formed on the house